3ds Max 2019.3 Update

Revit updates

Update for 3ds Max, with improved Revit workflow, Viewport interactivity, OSL settings and several other useful features.

New revit solutions
Autodesk have made multiple workflow and quality improvements to deliver you easier and faster processes to visualize Revit models in 3ds Max.

Revit Version Compatibility
Now when you import a Revit 2018 file, you no longer need to upgrade if you have 3ds Max 2018 installed. This is providing that Revit Interoperability for 3ds Max was included during installation.

This saves you time by avoiding unnecessary upgrades, and also provides you an improved experience when you directly import Revit files into 3ds Max.
Revit Version Compatibility
Revit Importer Performance
Autodesk introduced parallel processing during the Revit import process to improve speed. Autodesk conducted internal automation testing which included over 150 datasets of varying sizes and complexity, and the results showed imports to be twice as fast.
Revit Importer Performance
Revit Lights Import
Various improvements and bug fixes were made for when importing lights from Revit into 3ds Max. Imports are now accurate in terms of scaling, intensity, and placement, reducing the need for manual adjustments.
Revit Lights Import
Revit Import UI
Autodesk have made usability improvements to help increase your understanding of the options available during processing. There are more meaningful labels on options and tooltips, and the progress indicatory provides a more accurate timeline of each stage of processing.

Watch the recap of our Revit updates:

New Activeshade Viewport
The new viewport mode allows you to take the current ActiveShade viewport and turn it into a new viewport mode with interactive capabilities. This allows you to interact and render while you work, extending your workflow more than before.
New Activeshade Viewport
OSL Map Updates
Improvements to the OSL Editor and Viewport display include improved Bracket and Syntax Highlighting, a better editor docking, and support for node properties and improved bump map. Having a more accurate OSL shader will allow you to make and see changes immediately, and more accurately.
OSL map
OSL Editor
Watch the recap of our OSL and Viewport Updates

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