After Effects fall update feature announcement

After Effects CC

Adobe has revealed what to expect in this year’s fall update of After Effects CC. New features include a new advanced puppet engine, the ability to work with depth passes from native 3D layers (finally!), and a new JavaScript expression engine that boast a much more modern architecture and speed improvements of up to 5x.

This release will also inherit and extend the Responsive Design – Time feature from Premiere Pro. This feature allows to change the timing of entire clips while retaining the original time in specified regions.

Time stretch your composition, without having to worry about shifting keyframes around for every instance. Works great with Master Properties, too. Export your composition as a Motion Graphics template to give Premiere editors the same control: it’s especially handy for reusable graphics like lower thirds that animate on and off.

On the other side, Premiere Pro users have been asking for access to After Effects’ tools for data-driven animation. You can now design spreadsheet-driven infographic templates, and editors can update their content dynamically by updating their data.


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